Sample: “Sea Wave” from forthcoming digital re-release of vinyl “Jeritree’s House of Many Colours”:


fdst-cover051323This memoire-driven novel chronicles my soul-searching journey from introspective, apolitical sculptor to thespian protestor in the iconic 60s. Protagonist Lucina, born to a conservative Protestant midwestern family, armed with a Master’s of Fine Arts and a fierce desire to carve out an identity, realizes her education has just begun when her loft in New York City’s factory district becomes a hub for articulate politicos. Read more


Fire Dragon Street Theater 1962-1967 throbs with the authenticity of one who was there, who soaked in the turbulence, hopes, despair and imagination of the times, and has reflected it back to us who were either not there, or were there in a less aware way. – Loretta Goldberg, author of the award-winning historical novel, The Reversible Mask: An Elizabethan Spy Novel. Hilderley weaves tension and drama as she skillfully leads us through inevitable clashing of egos and betrayals of the heart even as the young players determinedly build their challenging plays to merge art and politics with protest. – Rain Bengis, Photographer, Political activist

About Jeri Hilderley’s music:

“The music is avant-garde, improvisational as well as compositional….One might call it ‘classical,’ another ‘jazz.’ It could be either or both, but I think it defies classification….” – Kay Gardner, Composer, in Paid My Dues. “To hear the songs of Jeri is to be carried out of oneself into some wholly new and remarkable time and place. There is no one like her, and no one now writing songs whose work stays with me the way hers does.”- Nancy Willard, poet/novelist “…ethereal, sensuous, and teasing, the songs are romantic, whimsical, yearning, and fun.” – Merry Gangemi, Producer, Host, Woman-Stirred Radio, Radio Goddard, GDR.
Two Gems in a Jewel Case: Lyric poems by Sappho set to original music by Jeri Hilderley for guitars, marimba and voice, presented in a CD jewel case with a full color, 32 page collectors’ book, which includes lyrics, artwork, reproductions of original Greek papyri of Sappho’s lyric poetry, and more. Translations are by Pulitzer Prize nominee Konstantinos Lardas. Produced in collaboration with WordSpace Publications.


“Time Traveling with Sappho is haunting; it speaks to you, gives voice to lesbian love in a way I haven’t heard said before.” – Sue Harris, Director, Peoples Video Network. “I played it at night, and so the way it was born out that stillness of the night – the way it was born out of silence, seamlessly came into sound, gave birth to sound and then went seamlessly back to the silence that became richer because of the music that had existed there. Oh my God, the book, the music, exquisite, exquisite. … It reminded me also of some Indian texts and prayers from the same time as Sappho.” – Padma Hejmadi, author of novels, short stories and non-fiction.


“IT SEEMS everyone’s boarding the Sappho boat these days, eager to travel with the ancient poet and tell the world who she was. One person well qualified to be Sappho’s herald and interpreter is singer, songwriter, and musician Jeri Hilderley, who pays homage to the poet with a stirring new CD, Time Traveling with Sappho. Hilderley co-produced the album with bassist Janet Mayes, who is also her life partner, and with the help of sound engineer Bruce MacPherson.” “The CD is thus an amalgamation of two recordings by the same artist separated by some 35 years, and the effect is mesmerizing.” – Rosemary Booth, “Sappho Transfigured”, THE GAY AND LESBIAN REVIEW Read more

The SeaWaves present “Protest for Love,” eight music videos on YouTube. Here is Number 6: Stay tuned for more!